My Name is Sabine Hope, It all started when…

I thought that I was super healthy, eating lots of organic vegetables and fruit, only wholefoods. Never anything processed. In fact living on a bio dynamic farm and bringing up my two boys the natural and non toxic way. I only used organic cosmetics and ..and ..and

Since I was a teenager with eating issues I researched healthy living and always read any article I came across…..

I never smoked a cigarette in my life, I had not drunk alcohol in years…

One day I was diagnosed with breast cancer and of course my question was ‘why’? As is for everyone with such a diagnosis, I am sure.

Not even a family history…of any type of cancer

So I started researching, as the answer: ‘this is just a crazy thing your cells can do accidentally’ (told to me by professionals) did not give me the answers I was looking for or made sense to me.

I had a deep sense that I had to find out the cause of this cancer to be able to fully heal and that I would find out. I learned that there is so much more to health than green smoothies. No green smoothie in the world will do the trick for us if we are not releasing emotional trauma and living with stress.

This led me to a fundamental change in life that I am now so grateful for. Cnacer can be a turning point for the better

I retrained as a holistic health and cancer coach and added a training in multi brain integration coaching.

I am now working with an approach to health and wellbeing which I call the ‘Journey to Vibrant Wellbeing’ for women with breast cancer, be the CEO of your Health’ This approach is the foundation of all my teaching and coaching. Wellbeing is a journey that is never completed but can be beautiful and full of new learning and experience. We look for progression but never expect perfection.

See more info under ‘Holistic Health and Cancer Coaching’

It is clear to me now that my diagnosis was a wake up call for me. And I am grateful to have learnt what I have learnt and to share this learning with others. If we look after our health we can be the best version of ourselves, whilst avoiding recurrence which in turn is what our families and the world needs.