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Sabine Hope Health and Cancer Coach


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Holistic Cancer Coaching

In a  world that makes good health difficult to achieve and unnecessarily complicated, my Health and Cancer Coaching approach removes the overwhelm and provides a personalised route back to sustainable health on your own terms. I believe that your new ‘normal’ after cancer can be the best and most vibrant ‘normal’ that you ever experienced.

As a breast cancer survivor and thriver I know what it is to be diagnosed, come out the other end of treatment and to wonder what is next…so many women feel lost and without direction after breast cancer with the fear of recurrence.

I have developed a ‘live on line’ programme for women to learn to thrive and to feel GREAT following a diagnosis of breast cancer and following being discharged from medical treatment.

Furthermore, I offer individualised cancer coaching for anyone at any stage of their cancer journey, health and wellbeing is possible!

Essential Oils

Why Essential Oils?

Plants have been used as medicine for thousands of years (because they work!)

They are natural, effective, and multi-purpose. Just The Best for non toxic and natural health

Essential oils are 50-70x more powerful than herbs

Because they are so potent, you only need 1-2 drops at a time, which makes them very affordable

mBit Coaching

An mBIT Coach can help you in a  uniquely different way to a traditional coach.

mBIT coaches use a powerful new approach to personal development, based on the latest neuroscience, enabling you to align the different aspects of your personality - your emotions, your intellect and your actions to enable you to make the best decisions at work, home or relationships.

Find back to your purpose, to your golden threat in life following cancer diagnosis and treatment, let your own intelligences speak to each other and find ways forward for you.